Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of South Sudan people instilling in them Self Reliance, Self Esteem and Hope. close

Aserela — Committed to nourishing the mind, body, and spirit
of the people of South Sudan instilling in them self-reliance, self esteem, and hope.

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Together We Change Lives

Building Self-Reliance

1 Aserela was founded in 1994 in Maine, USA. Our 501c(3) non-profit builds self-reliance among the South Sudanese people, both in newly independent South Sudan and for those refugees who’ve re-settled in Maine. South Sudan gained independence in 2011 after decades of devastating civil war. Unfortunately the emerging republic continues to struggle with political turmoil and battles along the northern part of the country, impacting progress toward democratic ideals, improved infrastructure, education, health and well-being of its citizens. Especially effected are the rural, poor villages.

Aserela knows that the success of South Sudan depends on lifting up and preparing the nation’s youth to be future leaders, and a good education is the cornerstone. The slogan of the Nyolo Hope School is Today learners. Tomorrow leaders. Our ability to help ensure South Sudan’s turnabout from a sad and tragic past depends solely on the generosity of our volunteers and good people like you who donate to¬†our programs and projects.

Aserela’s Mission

2 Aserela’s mission is to work with one small “forgotten” region near the South Sudan and Ugandan border to solve some very large intractable challenges that face this rural area and new nation. Roughly 50% of South Sudanese are under age 14. Many are orphaned. The illiteracy rate is nearly 95%. Female illiteracy in South Sudan is ranked worst in the world. In rural villages, a school is a unifying focus for the community. In the Nyolo region it has helped bridge differences with four diverse tribes.

Aserela’s efforts, though challenged by a distance of thousands of miles, is bringing education and literacy to village children eager to learn. With volunteers here in Maine… and local labor, dedicated volunteers, and involved parents in Nyolo… the construction of a wonderful primary school for more than 300 students is slowly but surely being accomplished. Together we ARE changing lives.

Successes & Challenges

3 Aserela’s current project: Completing roof construction at the only school in Nyolo/Kit region, South Sudan before the rainy season hits in May. Learn more.

We are proud that more than 350 students are now attending classes in Nyolo. Two rudimentary brick buildings with roofs are well-built, though still lack windows, flooring and plastering in most classrooms. A third building with six classrooms has no roof at this time. We are worried it could collapse in the rainy season. A well providing clean water is complete and operational. Latrines have been partially built.

Get an inside look at Aserela’s progress and hurdles in the year-end (2014) report prepared by our volunteer members and teachers in the Nyolo community, South Sudan.