Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of South Sudan people instilling in them Self Reliance, Self Esteem and Hope. close

Committed to nourishing the mind, body, and spirit
of the people of South Sudan instilling in them self-reliance, self esteem, and hope.

Together We Change Lives

Building Self-Reliance

1Aserela was founded in 1994 in Maine, USA. Our 501c(3) non-profit builds self-reliance among the South Sudanese people, both in newly independent South Sudan and for those who’ve settled in Maine.

Mission Project

2ASERELA’s current project: Completing construction of the only school in Nyolo/Kit region, South Sudan by the end of this year. Learn about our efforts, and how you can help.

Latest News

3Thank you to everyone who attended our February ASERELA USA Fundraiser to benefit the Nyolo Hope Primary School in South Sudan. We are very grateful for your encouragement and kind contributions.

How You Can Help

4Aserela’s work toward solving some of the most intractable challenges in South Sudan depends solely on the generosity of our volunteers and good people like you who donate to our programs and projects.

Aserela in Action

New Video: Primary School Construction And Challenges

Click to go to Part I and Part II of the video

ASERELA USA recently returned from the Nyolo / Kit region in South Sudan with video that documents our progress, as well as the hurdles we still face in completing construction of the Nyolo Hope Primary School. These two video excerpts feature the parents, students, and volunteers in the region.

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Only 50 Doctors For 10,000,000 People

South Sudan has less than 50 licensed doctors for its 10 million people, and the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. 1 in 6 women die of birth related causes.  Aserela, in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital and Ujenzi’s Dr. Thomas Burke will rollout a maternal health care program beginning May 2012. Watch this remarkable video, courtesy of […]

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Nyolo School Project

We are very excited that Nyolo Hope Primary School is under construction by Aserela in the town of Kit, South Sudan. The school is located near the Juba-Nimule highway about 60 miles south of Juba City.  About 95% of the population cannot read or write. Our goal is to eradicate this high level of illiteracy. When […]

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Our Humanitarian Mission

Aserela’s Mission

It is the mission of Aserela to provide access to educational opportunities for the people in the region of Kit in South Sudan. By constructing two school buildings and an office we will be able to provide several hundred students the education they have never known before. This school will be the first ever in the area, and it will serve elementary children with a focus on addressing the needs of orphans.

As well, Aserela is working to develop a health care presence in the area. First by introducing a maternal health care education course for local midwives that was developed by the Massachusetts General Hospitals Division of Global Health’s Dr. Thomas Burke and associates. This program has already proven successful in other areas of South Sudan, and it is sorely needed in Kit.