Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of South Sudan people instilling in them Self Reliance, Self Esteem and Hope. close

Board of Director Profiles

President & Founder – Mary D. Otto
Mary Otto is blessed with five beautiful children and three grandchildren. She has worked for the Portland Public School Board at Reiche as an Educational Tech and Language Facillatator for the last 16 years. She enjoys her work because she has the opportunity to work with children from the community and all over the world. On top of her busy schedule, Mary is honored to continue the work she enjoys so much, by helping to deliver education to children in her native South Sudan. She and her friends are working hard to build the first ever school in Kit to educate children and especially orphans, who without the Nyolo school would never have an education. Mary wishes to urge you to continue your good work, for God will reward you.

Vice-President – Milly Atim Odong
Milly Atim Odong currently works as a teacher in Massachusetts and is Vice-President of Aserela. From 2001 to 2004 Milly worked with LWF/DWS an international Non-governmental organization and UNHCR in Kakuma Refugee camp in Kenya. She takes charge of the coordination and implementation of child protection and development projects targeting refugee children from all the nationalities in the camp. She has played an active role in creating awareness among parents and leaders in the community on the rights of refugee children as well educating children on their rights, carrying out best-interest determination and ensuring overall child well being. She has overcome the socio-cultural challenges in promotion of child rights by approaching issues in a sober and culture sensitive way.

Cirilo Ben – International Coordinator
Cirilo is one of the pioneers and founders of Aserela in 1994 in Portland Maine. His dream and vision was to build schools to benefit the orphans and the disadvantaged children of South Sudan in general and Nyolo Kit in-particular…where there has been no schools, proper roads, clean water, and or even hospitals. Currently Cirilo works as oversea coordinator of Aserela. He also works with Electrical International Brotherhood, (IBEW, NECA) as a Telecommunication Technician in Boston with Local 103.

Robert Owot Ambrose – South Sudan Country Coordinator

Robert Owot Ambrose is Aserela’s Operations Director in South Sudan. Living there full time, Robert is a vital part of our organizations impact on the ground. As a part of the new Village Health Committee (VHC) and local government, Robert will help to advocate on behalf of the River Kit area and the four tribes. Officially he is a Planning Officer  for the State Ministry of Culture, Social Development, Youth & Sports based in Torit, the capital of Eastern Equitoria. He has also worked as a teacher for the past 15 years. He is married with five children.

Tameka Sharp – Advisor

Tameka Sharp is a 2012 Graduate Candidate pursuing a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Emergency and Disaster Management at MCNY in New York. She has 5 years of volunteer and professional experience in the nonprofit sector. She worked for four years at a nonprofit organization sending volunteers and missionaries to Africa. In 2007, she volunteered for 11 months in Uganda working with an organization serving street children and slum families.  Currently, she volunteers in the New York office of a Rwandan organization caring for orphans and widows. She serves in an advisory role at Aserela.

Andrew Coffin – Secretary