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An Overview Of Aserela’s Humanitarian Projects

Aserela’s current projects are focused on completing the construction of the only school in Nyolo/Kit, South Sudan, and development of a maternal health care program and training of 15 midwives in the region of Kit.

Kit is located approximately 60 miles south of the capital, Juba City. The Kit region ( along the border of Central and Eastern Equatoria… two of 10 states in South Sudan)  is home to a population of approximately 60,000.  The region’s population is comparable in size to that of Portland, Maine, USA… the home location of Aserela. South Sudan, which is the size of France, only recently saw the construction of its first paved highway. There is no school serving the region of Kit. The Aserela funded school, the Nyolo Hope Primary School, will be the first when construction is completed. 95% of the population throughout South Sudan cannot read or write. The Nyolo School Project brings hope to the children of the region, and the slogan of the school’s sign, ‘Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow’, sums up very well the goal and aspiration of our efforts.

After decades of war, the newly independent country of South Sudan also faces dire health issues. 1 in 6 young women die of birth related causes. 1 in 4 children die before reaching age 5. Building a functional and sustainable medical system is paramount to the survival and improved health of all throughout South Sudan. Toward that end, Aserela is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in the region of Kit. Implementation of health care strategies will occur initially through development and training of local community members, especially in regard to maternal health, as directed by the team from Ujenzi & Massachusetts General Hospital. Medical services, supplies, education and systems development will be provided to the region free of cost to the community with no prejudice to ethnicity, gender, religion or disability. Existing operations and relations between Aserela and the community in Kit will serve as a structural foundation for development of a medical presence in Kit, with an eventual overall goal of a self sufficient health care system in this region.