Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of South Sudan people instilling in them Self Reliance, Self Esteem and Hope. close
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Nyolo Hope Primary School Project

Although still under construction, we are very excited that Nyolo Hope Primary School is already in use by children in the region of Nyolo/Kit, South Sudan. The school is located near the Juba-Nimule highway, 60 miles south of the capital (Juba City), in Magwi county… a very rural area in the southern-most part of South Sudan, not far from the border of Uganda.

Female illiteracy in South Sudan sadly ranks as the highest in the world. About 95% of the South Sudan’s population cannot read or write. Our goal is to eradicate this high level of illiteracy. Two million lives were lost and four million southern Sudanese were displaced and had to find new homes, many in distant countries. The devastation to which they returned is unimaginable for most. But given the chance, the minds, bodies and spirits of children who have witnessed unspeakable things can turn the corner, become educated, and grow up to be tomorrow’s leaders of a struggling, but striving new country.

The school provides Nyolo children with love, comfort, hope for the future, and above all, a warm and safe environment where they can play and learn without fear of war. We are confident that the school will also bring unity and build the spirit of peace, love and reconciliation among four different tribes in the area of Nyolo/Kit.

ASERELA believes that every child is unique and special in their own way regardless of gender, faith, race, language or tribe. We have made a very good start in changing the lives of these children and now we need your help. Therefore, we are calling upon all of ASERELA‚Äôs friends and peace lovers everywhere to join us in our effort to raise funds so that we can finish the school, and especially complete the roof on the third structure that has six classrooms for Nyolo’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students.

Construction projects that need to be completed:

1ASERELA’s most critical need is putting a roof on our third brick structure that will hold six classrooms for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. The brick walls have been raised, but funds have run out for completing the roof. And the rainy season is fast approaching in May. This is our highest priority project and the cost is estimated $40,000 US including labor, iron sheet, truss work, other roofing materials and transportation from Uganda, where we found the very best price for our materials. You can donate to this urgent project through our online crowdfunding campaign on

2Completion of on-site latrines. Most of the materials have been purchased and are on site. Local labor and associated costs must be coordinated to complete this project.

3Finish the foundation in two buildings. For now, the students attend class in them, with dirt floors. The brick walls have been raised and the roofs are on these two buildings, but without laying down a proper foundation from inside, we cannot complete the floors. Base rock and concrete, as well as truck rental for delivery, are required to complete this.

4Finish the plastering. For now, nearly all classroom walls remain as exposed bare brick and mortar.
5Purchase, install and paint windows and doors.

Other “wish list” items:

  • A proper school office. It currently is a small corrugated tin shack, which serves as meeting space for the volunteer teachers, as well as storage for building materials.
  • Desks, chalk boards, and basic school supplies.
  • Small salaries for the teachers.
  • Uniforms for students.

Our success depends greatly upon your generosity. We hope that you will contribute to help us complete this long and wonderful journey in our new country of South Sudan.